Nutritional Information

Beer is made of 4 basic natural ingredients (water, barley malt, yeast and hops) , by the fermentation process, making it a 100% natural product. The four key ingredients , beyond the flavor, aroma and color, give its nutritional value. Beer is one of the few alcoholic beverages, that contain antioxidant ingredients, vitamins minerals and trace elements.

The low alcohol content of beer, combined with the nutritional content it contains, is probably responsible for the beneficial effect that it has. These beneficial effects, of course, are seen in moderate alcohol consumption and not in its irrational use.

In the case, therefore, that you often consume it, you can enjoy the benefits, by following the recommendations that refer to 1 portion of alcohol for women and 1-2 for men per day. The important thing in this recommendation is that this quantity does not work cumulatively between the days.

A beer can of 330ml, containing 4-5% alcohol, gives the body about 142 calories. Consuming in moderation, what really can increase your caloric intake and thus your body weight and waist circumference, is the variety of fatty and high calorie foods that usually accompany your beer.

Taking all of the above, beer is not a drink that is excluded from a balanced diet program. On the contrary, it is clearly better choice than most heavy spirits.

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